Welcome to MML!

Welcome to our new blog!

Now, usually, that’s the kind of empty phrase that you skip right over as you scan over a blog’s posts to decide whether it is the kind of place you’d like to spend some time. But please know that, at least in this case, our welcome is written with all possible sincerity. We think we are creating an important online resource that will enhance your experience of Montgomery if you live here and will enhance your enthusiasm for our city if you don’t.

Our city has history. It also has amazing restaurants and beautiful homes; thriving businesses and interesting people. Unfortunately, Montgomery and its residents have been slow to translate our past, present and future into the Internet. The generation who gets most of their information from the computer ought to also be exposed to Montgomery’s vibrant civic life — our festivals, our concerts, our restaurants, our parks, and the rest of the universe of things that comprise the place where we live, work, and play.

Here, at the beginning, the question arises: How can we make this blog the best it can be? Blogs, much like cities, work best when people participate. Here’s our About page. Here’s our email, which will also have a permanent place on the blog’s front page: midtownmontgomeryliving@gmail.com. Also, add us to your web browser’s bookmarks. And if you’re particularly savvy, you can subscribe to our RSS feed using the button in the right sidebar. Or you can subscribe by email using that button. And of course, like any respectable online entity, we’ll be doing Facebook and Twitter. But the core of the thing will remain this webpage, Midtown Montgomery Living (MML). Check back often. Leave us comments. And tell all of your friends about us using all of  the usual means of information circulation. We hope they’ll want to check in regularly too.

Thanks for reading! And again … welcome.



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4 responses to “Welcome to MML!

  1. T Walker

    It’s good to see the new blog promoting the good life in our area. Of course, I think we live in the best part of Montgomery! I’m wondering if businesses, restaurants, etc. pay to be listed or if it is a service because a couple or so are not listed (i.e. the Chophouse-VY, Corsino’s, Frondutti’s, True Value). Of course, I am biased and believe listings should include only those that are positive additions to the neighborhood.

    • kate

      We’re still building the list of businesses, so we appreciate your suggestions. This is not a pay-for-listing service – it’s just a work in progress! We are limited to listing businesses that have websites, so some will inevitably be left out. We do plan to review Corsino’s very soon, though.

  2. Jay Croft

    What’s with the “Pine Bar” website? No address, hasn’t been updated. Looks like it’s part of the A & P development, but that’s just from the photo.

  3. Really enjoyed reading your new blog. Especially the Lemon Grass info. This plant looks just great in an urn or container, and once established, it’s difficult to kill. Eagle’s Roost Herb Farm sells lemon grass already potted up. they will be at Herb Day in OAT on 8 May.

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