Montgomery is an amazing city. Although every city has a history that is unique, Montgomery has a particularly alluring relationship with some of the most pivotal events in American history. It is a vital piece of the Civil War and the struggle for racial equality. It is a major city in the emerging New South. A lot of people talk about how their mid-sized city feels like a small town. This is particularly true in Montgomery.

Midtown Montgomery Living (MML) is a source of a wide variety of kinds of information about life in the central part of Montgomery, Alabama. MML will be a regularly-updated look at Alabama’s capital city and will include restaurant reviews, gardening tips about growing things in this Southern climate and soil, architectural commentary, advice about buying homes and property, and much more. It’s a universe of information about the hyper-local. It’s about living in a place, but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it even if you don’t live here.


  1. Ooh, I’m excited to subscribe. I’m always interested in new information about Montgomery. It’s nice to read engaged, instead of dismissive, articles about the city.

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